Philosophy of Children’s Learning Center

Every Child, regardless of social or economic status, race or religious affiliation, has the right to be in an environment that provides growth socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically and, in our center, spiritually.

To attain our goals, we focus on age appropriate programs that foster social growth through interaction with other children and through experiences in play and working together.

Intellectual growth takes place in acquiring general knowledge through many hands-on activities. Examples are learning about weather, seasons, food, animals, origin of holidays, the environment and nature, dinosaurs, healthy living and other topics.

Physical development takes place through appropriate activities that promote healthy growth in the areas of large and small muscles, motor coordination, perceptual development, etc…

Emotional growth that provides and maintains feelings of self-worth takes place through many opportunities for success, as well as, those experiences that help develop coping skills. Also, it is important that each child feels secure and safe with their teachers and classmates.

Spiritual growth that teaches the children God’s presence and abiding love.