We have been bringing our children to CLC everyday since 2010. All three of my boys have attended, and two of them have gone through all six classrooms. CLC has been the perfect fit for our childcare needs offering a loving environment where our boys have fun learning everyday. Most importantly, the teachers at CLC are excellent!
-Casey & Danielle D.
Our son, Jace, has attended CLC for the past 3 ½ years. He began at the CLC as an infant. Staff there provided him with an abundance of love and cuddles. While he was a toddler, the CLC provided a nice balance of structure (to establish nap schedules, teach potty training) and play (for the development of cognition, language, and social skills). Secondary to a family move, Jace now only attends CLC a few times a month. He is, however, always excited to go to the CLC and the staff are always thrilled to see him and make him feel at ease. The CLC is a second home for Jace. We are extremely grateful for all of the support and ongoing flexibility the CLC has provided to Jace and our family throughout the past 3+ years!
My daughter, Delilah, has been attending CLC for two years, and I couldn’t be happier. She loves her teachers and her friends, and can’t wait to go to ‘school’ everyday. The staff are incredibly warm, friendly and clearly LOVE their jobs. Every morning when I drop Delilah off, I know that she is in capable hands and when I pick her up in the evening, I know she will have thoroughly enjoyed her day.
CLC has not only been a loving and nurturing environment for our daughter, but I feel she is also getting a rich and fulfilling daycare experience. I especially value the exposure she is getting to art, music and language. As a parent that works full time, I feel that my daughter is receiving excellent care and education during a time that I am not with her.
I cannot thank the CLC staff enough for the love and care they have not only provided for my daughter, but, for all the children they care for.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Erin Malman
I enrolled my daughter into CLC in 2009 when she was 1.5 years old. We now currently have our son enrolled at CLC. In the last 6 years we have been extremely happy with the program. The staff have always cared and loved my children as if they were their own. Each classroom is set up to meet the age of the children. The building is secure and most days my children did not want to leave! They have structured days, field trips, and tons of arts and crafts! There potty training room is amazing! They do a fantastic job supporting your parenting styles while the children are in their care! The staff members are some of my favorite people!!
Danielle C.